Introducing the Unlock Creativity Podcast #TryPod

For those who don’t know March is Podcast Month and Pod-casters Worldwide have been using the hashtag #TryPod to encourage both listeners and those around them to #TryPod or to try a podcast. for those who don’t know  a podcast is basically an online radio show. it could be something as simple as a couple of interviews, it could be a video, it could be an adaptation of a book or comic, it could be like a book on tape, they vary. regardless i decided to challenge myself to create a podcast by the end of March. And I did it(Just barely) but I definitely did it, And I’m going to encourage you to listen to it, and  i apologize for the poor audio quality as it was recorded in multiple locations and its something I’ve never done before. to compensate however, i am gonna do my best to make it interactive by adding the related sketches to the podcast in this post along with the podcast!


THE KEY BOOK – A social experi(meant) to inspire others!

So, on April 1st 2016 i had an idea for a social experiment, this experiment involved a sketchbook, keys, so many people, both artist and average Joe.  During this social experiment that is still ongoing, i asked random people to doodle a key to inspire others, I carry a Key book with me everywhere and ask anyone and everyone! it has been to Comic book Conventions, Legislative Events, at my job, when i go out for a cup of coffee or to the movies even! This is  sample of what to expect in time as I plan to post the sketches here! Also take note of some of these keys as some of the creators participated in interviews with me, in which i will be posting as a podcast in the near future! I hope that these Keys will help you #UnlockCreativity


Something New and Inspiring!

So this is my new site. I promise that with each post you will start to unlock your creativity. I promise this much at the very least. I will be doing a podcast and it will be debuting soon. With it will also come some inspiring content and listening will make my posts a lot more interactive.