Marc Rosen, Nancy Amaro, David Schlaich & I want to thank EVERYONE who attended Inbeon Con and said hi, bought Marc & my comic, participated in the fundraiser for Dave, checked out or bought prints of Nancy’s costumes! This was our 1st truly 100% successful con! And now for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS!

1)Yesterdays show we went beyond our goal and even stretch goal, in the past 3 weeks since weve been getting our comic “Queer Imaginings” out in circulation, yesterday put us beyond what we thought was possible, yesterday thanks to all who supported the project so far in these past 3 weeks, we officially sold over 100 comics in the past 3 weeks since its printing!

2) We have almost sold out of our 1st printing!

3) We are confirming a second printing with digital touch ups!

4) Issues 2 and 3 are confirmed and will be out MUCH sooner than originally anticipated!

5) Last but not least, Im excited to finally announce that before issue 2 is released that I will be releasing my solo project, with guest artist Namarodesigns/Nancy Amaro “Butterflies in Space!” A short pulp and comic style solo anthology based around perspectives and rebirth!

All this in under the 1st month its been out!


It’s Here!

The 1st issue of my comic is officially here! Queer imaginings issue 1! it can be ordered via the site store or if you see me in person! the cost is $5+shipping!

Comic coming soon!

Hey everyone! I have been hard at work making a comic, apologies for the lack od posts recently! but hey, a comic book is coming soon! also here are some key sketches to hold you over!


A tease of some of the many keys to be posted!

Image Description: You see a simple everyday door key, with a heart in its center, underneath it is caption “The Key to My Heart!” it is signed by Paul Kupperberg

Image Description:a key but at the top is a persons head doodled, he has a round nose and hes showing some teeth! It is signed by P. Bagge NJ’16

Image Description:A key, the top is an eyeball, the teeth of the key appear to be a saw and is laying in a pool blood or red liquid of some kind. it is signed by Mort Todd.


Image Description:a simple doodle of a regular door key. it is signed.


Image Description: a skeleton key with a skull with horns on the top, the key is wrapped in a scarf.


Image Description: a skeleton key. above the key it says tooth key. it has spikes or perhaps teeth at the top of the key and at the bottom of the key are 2 large teeth and 1 small tooth. it is signed by Paul Harding.


Image Description: there is a cartoon dog with its mouth open. above its mouth is a key shining as if it were a bright idea. under the dog is a link to a website and under the link it says 2:AM


Image Description: A simple drawing of a key, except the teeth of the key are not cut and ibstead the key is cut a bit shorter.


Image Description: A skeleton key, at the top of the key is Magneto from the “XMEN” comics Helmet and there are action sequence accents surrounding the helmet representing superpowers.


Image Description: A very detailed sketch of a door key. the top center of the key has numerous lines. tge key is drawm in a dark black ink. it is signed by Cliff Chiang 2016

 Image Description: a skeleton key in orange with a blond haired girls head atop the key. she is wearing a blue super hero mask and smoking a cigarette.


Image Description: A skeleton key. atop the key is a skull witj cross bones and the key looks like a stick wrapped or perhaps mummified.


Image Description: a skeleton key. it has a cats head with 1 tooth and a shiny round nose with its mouth open. the bone of the key has stripes coming down. underneath the key it says HEATHCLIFF KEY as the cat om the key is actually Heathcliff! It is signed by Peter Gallagher


Image Description: a skeleton key bit the head of the key is Captain America’s head. the key is drawn in pencil and nicely shaded and blended together via rubbing or smearing of the pencil.


Image Description:a bright orange skeleton key. the head of the key is the sun with a bright yellow center. the bone of the key is also yellow and the teeth of the key are orange.


Image Description: a skeleton key with a heart shaped handle to the key. at the bottom of the key opposite normal teeth there is an extra tooth that bends outwards. 


Image Description:


Image Description:


Image Description:


Image Description: