This Weeks Keys!

Seeing as how this Saturday is “‘Cripping’ The Comic Con” at Syracuse University, Information about this event can be found at I felt it would be great for me to show the first key ever sketched in the “Key Book” this was done a little over a year ago at last years “‘Cripping’ The Comic Con” By an amazing artist by the name of Giles. The key can be found below:

This week I am also showcasing a key sketched by the amazing sculptor Paul Harding and my attempt to bring it to life.


I am also going to showcase a key drawn by the incredible Joe Hill. He was one of the inspirations for this project. As his and Gabriel Rodriguez’ comic series “Locke and Key” by IDW Publishing is by far one of the best, well written and diverse comics in history and really helped me push myself through some hard times. Expect to see more posts about “Locke and Key” in the future!

Finally I am showcasing a cosplay done by Nancy Amaro and myself based on the Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’ comic series “Locke and Key”

In this Cosplay we are the Character “The Weepy” and “Fear Itself” named after the emotions of depression and fear respectively. We both use these costumes to bring awareness to Mental Health and bring NeuroDiversity with us to Comic Conventions.

As a side note I must Mention that the initial Idea for the “Key Book” was inspired based on an idea that Nancy showed me back when she was living in Texas and we were only online pen pals and had not met in person yet. Expect a post and perhaps a podcast exploring how we met, the inspiration and history behind the “Key Book” and much more.

The photo credit for this incredible shot goes to Jason Laboy of Jason Laboy Photography.

Weekly Keys Update and appearances!

Hey everyone! I’m gunna do my best to update the site at least once a week with the key book sketches, perhaps more! On another note, I will be at Syracuse University for their 5th Annual “‘Cripping’ The Comic Con”  on April 22nd 2017 where I will be presenting on the Cosplay and Disabilities panel alongside David Schlaich(Light Against Cancer) and Nancy Amaro(Namaro Designs) more info can be found at

Can you guess which of these keys were drawn by Cosplayers? Can you Spot Amy Reeders Key?


Till’ Next time! #UnlockCreativity



Keys, Keys, Keys!

For those who listened to my Podcast, Thank You! i Do plan on releasing more Episodes eventually. I have lots of awesome content planned and lined up! As for the podcast, here is a quick side note. I truly want to make my podcast as interactive as possible, as well as accessible, so expect an update with captions on it for the hearing impaired! Now on to some more awesome content, and if you like my site and my posts, please leave a comment or share the site via social media! Anyway, here’s some more keys from random People and artists alike!


Introducing the Unlock Creativity Podcast #TryPod

For those who don’t know March is Podcast Month and Pod-casters Worldwide have been using the hashtag #TryPod to encourage both listeners and those around them to #TryPod or to try a podcast. for those who don’t know  a podcast is basically an online radio show. it could be something as simple as a couple of interviews, it could be a video, it could be an adaptation of a book or comic, it could be like a book on tape, they vary. regardless i decided to challenge myself to create a podcast by the end of March. And I did it(Just barely) but I definitely did it, And I’m going to encourage you to listen to it, and  i apologize for the poor audio quality as it was recorded in multiple locations and its something I’ve never done before. to compensate however, i am gonna do my best to make it interactive by adding the related sketches to the podcast in this post along with the podcast!


THE KEY BOOK – A social experi(meant) to inspire others!

So, on April 1st 2016 i had an idea for a social experiment, this experiment involved a sketchbook, keys, so many people, both artist and average Joe.  During this social experiment that is still ongoing, i asked random people to doodle a key to inspire others, I carry a Key book with me everywhere and ask anyone and everyone! it has been to Comic book Conventions, Legislative Events, at my job, when i go out for a cup of coffee or to the movies even! This is  sample of what to expect in time as I plan to post the sketches here! Also take note of some of these keys as some of the creators participated in interviews with me, in which i will be posting as a podcast in the near future! I hope that these Keys will help you #UnlockCreativity


Something New and Inspiring!

So this is my new site. I promise that with each post you will start to unlock your creativity. I promise this much at the very least. I will be doing a podcast and it will be debuting soon. With it will also come some inspiring content and listening will make my posts a lot more interactive.