Unlock Creativity is not just one thing, Some time ago I was inspired to start a sketchbook, one with a major theme, to inspire others, I woupd go around asking artists, writers, random people ect. to draw a simple sketch with a theme, the theme being a key. This was inspired by another persons sketchbook, who had a theme of dinosaurs, she started it because often times artists would get intimidated by drawing superheroes, so she chose a simpler, less intimidating and more fun theme. After some time people started to ask if I had considered archiving the sketches. This site works as that archive, in addition to many other features, including a podcast, similar art projects, Cosplay and costuming projects, disability and accessibility awareness themed information, projects and resources amongst many other projects, information and ideas to make art enjoyable by all. The idea is to create a chain of inspiration, which in turn leads to education.