30 Day Writing Challenge!

Hi all,

I have decided to take a 30 day writing Challenge! Expect lots of awesome new content! I have lots of stuff planned! Apologies for my lack of posts recently, I am also currently focusing on my first comic! Expect a tease very soon!



Inbeon Con

I would like to also give a huge thanks to Inbeon and Inbeon Con, as they have been super supportive in my projects! Inbeon Con is a Comic and art Convention that is run by artists, an amazing and supportive event with a great team that runs it! I highly suggest if your in the NY Metro or Long Island region you attend! It was the fist Comic Book Convention I tabled at and that was soe time ago! it also sparked my creative side and allowed me to newtwork with artists i wouldn’t have met otherwise! for more info check out their site at www.inbeoncon.com and if you do decide to buy tickets to the event, heres a discount code for you for additional savings! The codeword is: Keys


Discount Code: Keys


Hope to see you at the event!



Abilities Expo

Hi everyone,

Have I mentioned I will be at Abilities Expo(Metro) for the Cosplay Contest hosted by CosAbilities? Both Nancy and myself will be guest judges for the event! More info can be found here: